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Suprabha Interior one of the greatest interior designers in NepalSuprabha Interior, is an award-winning, exclusive interior design business in Nepal, with over 15 decades of experience. Suprabha has been inside designing and executing premium and exclusive interior designs for flats, interior designs for kitchens and for customers in the lavish and ultra-luxury sections, with distinctive and trendy design notions like timeless, Urban-chic, bohemian, contemporary and modern designs. We’re among the renowned Brand names and recorded among the best interior designers in Nepal.

We blend the best of traditional craftsmanship with all the accuracy of modern engineering technologies, with a broad selection of newest finishes and substances; lasting construction; designed to quantify individuality; Custom created, and the greatest standards of quality. Our designs have been carefully crafted and inspected prior to being discharged around Bangalore for their new over-fulfilled owners.

We’re customer-centric. We guarantee to make a smile on each interaction with our customer.

Suprabha Interior is unquestionably the very best top interior designer in Nepal. We give top interior design options personalized to your own requirement.


Setting an unmatched standard of beauty and perfection, we are known amongst the best interior designers in NEPAL. Our expertise, our unmatched passion, our unsatiated hunger to achieve excellence and our willingness to listen to our customers and offer pathbreaking solutions make us the top Interior Designers in Nepal.

At Suprabha Interior Designers in Nepal, we have constantly challenged the conventional way of thinking and thus, given a new dimension to interior designing combined with luxury & automation. We specialize both in residential interior design & commercial interior design projects, including hotels & resorts, office spaces, retail centers, healthcare, & educational institutions, and delivering a unique blend of comfort and style.

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